• AMI moment tester

Moment Weighing Systems

The AMI moment tester has weighed jet engine blades and steam turbine buckets all over the world because of the dependability and simplicity of this machine. Several hundred machines have been in use for the past 50 years.

You can find us in most Pratt and Whitney technical publications.

Three Main Models:

  • Models 1M and 1M/4S – 100.00 in. oz. capacity
  • Model 5M – 1000.0 in. oz. capacity
  • Model 1K – 2000.0 in. oz. capacity
  • Model 5K – 20000 in. oz. capacity

Prior to the AMI tester, there was very little correlation of weights between manufacturers. There were no tester weighting blades at calibrated distance of blade in rotor. The AMI not a reference tester; it displays actual weight of blade.

Classified Under: FSC 6670 Scales and Balances

Navy Stock Number:  NSN 6670-01-110-2692, 6670011102692

FSC 6670 – Scales and Balances

Pratt and Whitney Part Number  PWA 55456

AMI moment tester

Benefits of the AMI

  • Able to withstand rough handling by the operator and continue its accuracy with no problems
  • Simple to use, with easy training
  • Easily checks calibration with its own weights and test arm
  • Maintains it accuracy and repeatability of all models, for many years
  • Does not require a master blade for set up

All that is needed for the AMI’s accuracy and trouble free weighing is a draft-free area with a sturdy work bench.

Blade Adapters for Moment Testing

At Able Scale we have many years of experience designing and building blade adapters for our moment weighing scales. Our adapters are generally made of anodized aluminum so they are lightweight and easy to handle.

They are built to exacting standards. We are able to hold ultra-tight tolerances giving the most accurate weight measurement possible.

Having an adapter built is a simple process. We only require the following:

  • A print of the blade or bucket with the distance of the blade route to the center of the rotor.
  • A scrap blade to final fit the adapter.

The size of your blade or bucket is not a problem for the AMI tester.